Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lace Applique Top c/o Awwdore, Rope Belt (from a fabric store), Pure Cold Leggings c/o Lovely Sally, Nude Ankle-Strap Pumps from Nine West

Yesterday, I presented my collection of 5 looks at our school's annual fashion show! Aside from modeling in my own segment with 4 other friends who modeled the other 4 looks, I was also part of the "Prom" segment of the fashion show which is reserved for senior students only and we all got to model long gowns from a local boutique downtown! I had such a good time yesterday and it's one of the experiences I will treasure most after I graduate from high school this June. I won't be posting photos of the garments I've designed this year to protect the designs for possible future use when I'm in design school later on but I can definitely say that I'm a lot prouder of the pieces I presented this year, compared to last year :) 

The past week I've been working to finish all the pieces on time which is why I went missing again for a while. But now that college apps and the fashion show are in the past, I can devote my full attention (aside from AP exams coming up in May) to my blog, so expect lots of outfit posts this April to make up for the lack of them during March!

Today, I'm wearing this beautiful lace top from Awwdore with my rope belt which I tied around my waist to give the top some more shape. I paired the shirt with my Pure Cold leggings from Lovely Sally to create a frosty, snow-queen inspired look. It's far from cold here in California right now but I ironically would have froze to death if I wore this outfit in the middle of winter!

It's the last day to enter the Lucca Couture giveaway so you can do so here if you haven't entered yet!


Friday, March 22, 2013

DIY Flower Crown, Silver Arrow Necklace c/o Lucca Couture, Striped Top c/o Lucca Couture, Pink Ruffled Petticoat c/o Chicwish, Pale Yellow Wedges from Victoria's Secret

Pastel tones, luxurious fabrics, and elaborate headpieces all come to mind when I picture Marie Antoinette! Although I might not have the same blonde hair, I did my best to create a look inspired by her fashion sense by pairing this striped top from Lucca Couture, which of course has become synonymous with Parisian style, with this fluffy petticoat skirt from Chicwish. This petticoat is particularly well made because the shape is supported by layers and layers of soft, ruffled fabric, rather than tulle which can be uncomfortable when it scratches your skin. There are also little rhinestones sewn here and there at the bottom of the skirt! I can't wait to create more outfits with this fun piece during the spring.

It's also one week before the school fashion show so I've been rushing around trying to get all my pieces done in time! We have a lot of rehearsals this week so I only hope that I can manage to finish all my pieces to my liking by Friday night, and not fall behind with school work. I'm working on a top this weekend and hoping to finish my final piece during the coming weekdays. There will also be a lot of college mail arriving this coming week. I'm waiting for my Pratt financial aid package, my completed Parsons aid package, and admissions decisions from RISD and hopefully FIT if they will be sending them out before the end of the month! Fingers crossed!!! Student debt seems inevitable these days but the less the better! ;)

PS: You can win this top, or any of my other L.C.t picks, at my giveaway with Lucca Couture here! It ends on the 31st so you still have time to enter :) And I was also featured in Annika Victoria's 2nd mini-magazine for her blog, The Pineneedle Collective, so do stop by and check out her amazing blog and magazine here! Thanks for the feature Annika! <3


Monday, March 18, 2013

White Cardigan from Forever 21, White Crop Top c/o Lucca Couture, White Tulle Skirt c/o Chicwish, Nude Ankle-Strap Pumps from Nine West

Dressing in only one color is one of my favorite things to do because you can combine separate pieces in your closet and make them look like a cohesive unit. I combined this crop top, long cardigan, and tulle skirt to make this dressy ensemble that almost looks like a dress from far away :) Thank you to Lucca Couture for letting me pick out this beautiful top and necklace! If you would like to win this shirt, or any of my other L.C.t. picks from Lucca Couture, remember to enter my giveaway here!

In other news, I'm still looking for a job but the outpouring of help and support from my friends, family, and of course, readers, has been really touching and I'm very grateful for it. Also, thank you everyone who voted for Bobby in the Big Star USA contest! He made it to first place today with a lead of over 500 votes! I'm so happy for him; he hasn't really slept or ate much for the entire week since the contest started! And lastly, I can finish off the day on some more good vibes because I got into Pratt this morning, so thanks to the Pratt admissions office for accepting me into your school as well! <3


Friday, March 15, 2013

Tan Beanie from 2020AVE, Silver Arrow Necklace c/o Lucca Couture, Peach Lace Panel Tee c/o Lucca Couture, Crosses Skinny Belt c/o 2020AVE, Floral Print Jeggings from 2020AVE, Nude Ankle-Strap Pumps from Nine West

This is the second look from my Lucca Couture collaboration! Today, I'm wearing their lace panel tee and silver arrow necklace :) I have really been enjoying dressing in all pastel tones as you can see! I paired this soft tee with my floral jeggings, tan beanie, and nude belt from 2020AVE and my favorite Nine West pumps. Lucca Couture will also be giving away one of the following pieces from their L.C.t. line which is a collection of chic and comfy tees! You can check out all my personal picks here and also see a preview of my upcoming outfit posts featuring tops 3 and 5! This giveaway will run until March 31st and is open in the US. Good luck to everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And during the month of April, Lucca Couture will also be raising funds to support the non-profit organization, ZOE Children's Home, which helps those that have been affected by human trafficking. You can learn more about this fundraising event here!

PS: If you haven't entered the giveaway for the board game you can enter here! Don't forget that you can get an additional entry each day by voting for Bobby's look here, every 24 hours! :) He's getting closer to the lead so please take 5 seconds to give him your vote!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DIY Flower Crown, Tusk Necklace c/o Romwe, Mint High-Low Dress c/o Lucca Couture, Rope Belt (from a fabric store), Nude Ankle-Strap Pumps from Nine West

It's been a while since I last updated my blog as I've been working with Lucca Couture to style a set of 5 looks as their Blogger of the Month for March! I have definitely missed blogging for almost 2 weeks but a short break can often leave you much more refreshed when you come back! Today I'm wearing Lucca Couture's high-low tank dress in mint. The inside of this dress is lined with soft rayon so it's very comfortable and not see through at all. You can wear the dress loose or cinch it in at the waist like I've done here with my favorite $1 curtain cord belt. (No joking!) And as you know, I am shamelessly obsessed with flower crowns and I made this one recently since I wear my white one too much :P I wanted one that was much more elaborate but in pastel tones for the spring!

Today I am also launching THE BEST GIVEAWAY EVER which is for the LOOKBOOK.NU BOARD GAME made by none other than the always creative, Bobby Raffin :D Bobby is one of my best friends from Lookbook and he is always thinking of other people and loves to make people laugh. He needs your help to earn votes because he is entered in Big Star USA's blogger contest to win a trip to Coachella by styling a pair of Big Star jeans and I really want to help him win because of all the nice things he's done for me without asking (and because his look is also the most Coachella-ready of all the entries!)

The objective of the game is to see who can get to the top of the Hot page on Lookbook first, and you can play as your favorite Lookbook characters (the winner will get 6 custom characters of their choice with their game). There are also hilariously accurate, notification cards such as "Error 404" or "Bart's Back!" To enter, follow the instructions below! Please vote for Bobby's look HERE and you can vote once each day for more entries into the drawing! In addition, if you share a link to Bobby's look on Facebook, that counts for 5 entries and you can do this once each day too!

Good luck to everyone and let's help send Bobby to Coachella!!! <3

PS: You can also vote on a poll at Bobby's blog for him to do 1 of 3 things if he wins the contest:
a. Get the sides of his head shaved and get pierced anywhere you want him to (well, almost anywhere)
b. Write an original song and film a music video about Coachella
c. Dress as the "Sixteen Year Old Dreamer" at Coachella for a day and film it