Sunday, April 07, 2013

Cat Ear Beanie from H&M, Quay Sunglasses c/o Forward To All, "Hold On" Nylon Dress c/o Dreamachine Clothing, Rhinestone Cuff from Express, Dark Grey Socks (with XO Grip) c/o Soxxy, Lace Up Booties from White Mountain

Today I'm sporting this amazing nylon dress from the newly launched and Australia-based, Dreamachine Clothing, which was started by 18 year old Alice Keltie! It's important to me to support other young adults on my blog who are already doing amazing things and Alice is no exception. She is not only incredibly driven but also extremely kind and I'm happy that we've grown to become good friends! Right now, there are 8 leggings and 1 dress to choose from, but she will be adding a lot more dresses soon, as well as a line of swimwear in July/August. All the prints she chooses are very fashion-forward and I was immediately impressed by how well printed the graphics were. There is nothing not to like about her nylon garments; they are unbelievably soft, perfectly sewn, and super comfortable! The prices are affordable and a bargain when quality is taken to account so do take a look and support Alice's new business :) Below, I've also linked to my 2 favorite leggings: the Vintage Map Leggings and the Compass Leggings!

For the rest of the look, I styled the dress with my cat ear beanie and these oversized sunglasses by Quay Eyewear from Forward To All. I never really cared much for black oversized sunglasses in the past but once I tried these on, I really liked how they flattered my face shape! Forward To All will be doing a giveaway on my blog for these shades soon so if you like them, you also have a chance to win a pair for yourself! The socks I'm wearing, from Soxxy, also have a cool feature to them: a silicone "XO" grip inside the top rim of the socks to hold them up all day long. This is especially handy for thigh high socks that have a tendency to fall down. It makes more sense to pull the socks all the way up, but I scrunched my knee-high Soxxy's down and I like that they stayed at the length I wanted, rather than bunching up unevenly.

And the best news for last: I'M OFFICIALLY GOING TO PARSONS!!! Although I did receive a merit scholarship from the school which I am really thankful for, in the end, we have to pay the majority of the cost. There's no doubt that it's a lot of money but my parents agreed that the education I will get and the resources and connections I will get at Parsons are worth the money. I started crying last night when my parents told me I could go ;-; I would have loved to get a huge financial aid package from the school (but who doesn't?) but it made me realize how fortunate I am to not only have parents who support me in my dreams of becoming a fashion designer but also that taking out loans (albeit a lot) is an option my family can actually take. We often forget that there are so many talented students who have to turn down their dream school because despite how much their family may want to send their child there, they just can't take out that many loans even if they wanted to. I love you Mom and Dad for making the sacrifices so I can attend Parsons and thank you for this and everything else you have ever done for me. I won't let you down. And thank you to all my readers who have offered me words of support and congratulations about Parsons! I am excited, grateful, and blessed to be able to study with the Parsons Class of 2017 this fall!


  1. love the dress! also congrats on going to parsons! one step closer to your dream :) and glad your parents are supportive 100%


  2. woow thats so nice!! :DDD congrats!
    about your look, I love it! :D pretty nice!

    hope you can enter to my blog dear♥
    you will make me so happy!


  3. Love Alice's work. The dress you are wearing and the mint leggings are so unique!
    See you in my blog, maybe.

  4. you look like a cat the the hat and cat eye shades ! so sassy :)

    pandaphilia fashion

  5. That beanie is super cute!


  6. I keep seeing that hat and it's so cute! Also you have an amazing body!


  7. My dearie, you must teach me how to rock the socks when wearing heels. Every time I try to do so I end up looking like a librarian who just wants those youngsters to like her. I am jealous of the ease with which you carry them. :P

    ps: excellent tanktop/dress.



  8. Nice dress! <3


  9. Congratulations! You'll have so much fun!

  10. hot! :)


  11. haha perfect dress honey!! funny print ♥


  12. cute dress and hat too!


  13. lovely beanie!


  14. Oh I love the dress! The print is so nice. It looks alive in the photograph. :3

    Btw, you've been featured in my blog. ♥

    xoxo, Ai Ming

  15. Congratulations on going to Parsons!!! It must be so exciting for you! You are truly blessed to have such supportive parents! Good luck with the studies!

  16. I really like this dress and the sunglasses!

  17. Wow Great Blog and Outfits! I follow you now with GFC :) Hope you will take a look at mine <3


  18. such a lovely look! I adore your outfits:)<3

    and wooow! congratulations!! I'm so jealous, Parsons is my dream:)<3
    this is so cool that you'll study there:) we're all really proud of you Jennifer! you deserve it!:))

    Emma xx

  19. You look so awesome and cool!! I love the dress and your socks are so cute!!


  20. Fabulous look!! I would like to have your beautiful hair!! :)


  21. So in love with this dress!
    & it might sound redundant at this point, but congrats on Parsons!

    <3 Liz

  22. Love your look. AND CONGRATS!! You're going to love it in NYC. Don't get too wrapped up in seeing the city, plenty of time for that, but focus on your studies. Parsons is a great school and you will go very far here with your sense of style.

  23. so glad I just stumbled across your blog, loving your style!
    would love to see you wearing casper&pearl one day!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  24. Wow dear! When I say that you really could be a model, I really do mean it! Maybe it's just your choice of clothing but you always look good in everything! You should definitely look into it!


  25. That hat is just the cutest! ^,^
    Nora xx

  26. perfect dress and sunies!



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