Thursday, June 27, 2013

Aurora Stone Necklace c/o ShopAKIRA, China Print Scarf c/o IAnyWear, Snowy Owl Dress c/o Dreamachine Clothing, Diamond Gem Cuff c/o 2020AVE, Nude Ankle Strap Pumps from Nine West

I do have to admit that it does feel rather ironic to be wearing an outfit inspired by the snow and ice in the midst of the summer! This snowy owl dress is one of my favorite pieces from Dreamachine Clothing; I love all the varying values of blue and the way that it matched perfectly with this scarf from IAnyWear. Scarves/shawls are really handy during the summer for creating the illusion of outerwear while still keeping your outfit light and airy. The finishing touches for this outfit were these goddess inspired jewelry pieces: an aurora stone necklace from ShopAKIRA, and a diamond gem cuff from 2020AVE.

And as a huge fan of bebaroque tights myself, I'd also like to let you guys know that they are having a sale on their SS13 collection and are offering my readers early access to it! It will go live to the public later today but if there is something you have your eye on, you can buy it first before it gets sold out! The embroidered tights I was wearing in my outfit post, "Sea," are in the sale too! :)


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lavender Flower Crown c/o Roses & Clementines (Giveaway below), Gold Anchor Necklace c/o Lulu*s, White Babydoll Top from Forever 21, Tie Dye Jeans c/o 2020AVE, Nude Ankle Strap Pumps from Nine West

The laid back nature of summer always causes me to gravitate towards calm and dreamy pieces, like these tie dye jeans! Tie-dye pieces might not seem like something you would end up wearing a lot, but since this pair features pinks, peaches, pale yellows, and lavenders, you actually have a pretty broad color palette you can work with when putting together different outfit combinations. I paired these jeans with a babydoll top that I've had since middle school but haven't worn for years since then, so I'm glad that it's making its way back into my wardrobe! This lavender flower crown from Roses & Clementines matched the hues in the jeans perfectly, and a mini anchor necklace from Lulu*s was the finishing touch.

If you like this crown, you will be happy to know that I'm running a giveaway with Roses & Clementines for the exact crown I am wearing in this outfit (although, you can also request a custom order for the same crown if you'd like!). Because I will be shipping it out to the winner myself, this giveaway is only open to US residents. (My apologies to my international readers!). This giveaway will run for 10 days and will end on Tuesday, July 2nd. Good luck and I hope all of you have a great weekend!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

PS: You can also still enter the Lazy Twins giveaway here if you haven't done so yet! There are 2 days left!


Monday, June 17, 2013

DIY Flower Crown, Chanel Jewel Logo Top c/o Awwdore, Crochet Denim Shorts c/o The Editor's Market, Nude Ankle-Strap Pumps from Nine West

This is a more comfortable and casual look that I wore out on the weekend to go to lunch with my family! Whenever I want to make the combination of a simple top and shorts more interesting, I pick separates that are the same color. The jewel graphic on this top added just the right amount of color, and the chiffon sleeves made it dressier than your normal graphic top. The white flower crown helped add a more artistic vibe to this look, and these pumps are always my go-to shoes since they go with everything and are really easy to walk around in the entire day.

It's been a little over a week since I graduated from high school and now that I feel like I've spent enough time lazing around the house, I definitely want to start doing more stuff with my summer! I'd really like to read all the Harry Potter books since I've never read any of them, and I'd like to experiment with drawing and painting more so I won't be too rusty when college starts. I'd also like to spend time with the people I didn't really get to know that well until the end of the school year, as well as just focusing on hanging out with people in general more often. Do you guys have any specific summer goals you want to fulfill? :)


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wide Brim Hat c/o Oasap, Skywalker Moto Jacket c/o Forward To All, Lace Mesh Dress c/o Sugarlips, Double Buckle Belt from Forever 21, Opal d'Orsay Heels c/o Sam Edelman

I couldn't really decide on one direction to style this look in, but I knew that I loved the way these pieces all looked together! I suppose you can call it a mix of western and tribal, with some pilgrim inspired flair though! I remember when this hat used to be my go-to accessory for my hair, and then it lost its throne when my white flower crown stepped onto the scene... I'm glad it had a chance to make a reappearance because its a piece that adds a lot of personality to a look.

The dress that I'm wearing today is from Sugarlips and I love that it combined both the mesh, applique, and paneled trends into one garment! I didn't want this look to be completely black so I threw this tribal jacket from Forward To All over my shoulders for some contrasting values and prints. The shiny texture of these Sam Edelman heels were perfect to counter the matte appearance of the rest of the look. Plus they heel height is very comfortable; something that I'm beginning to take into account more due to all the walking I'll be doing when I move to New York.

Laslty you may have already seen from my Instagram sneak peek, but I've been collaborating with Dahlia Wolf and they have produced a burgundy gown for sale based on the original, brown lace applique dress I designed here! It will be available for pre-order soon, so I hope that if any of you guys liked the original one, that you'll like the burgundy one enough to purchase one for yourself! Special outfit photos for the gown will be posted to my blog once the dress is available for pre-order :) In the meantime, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to Sugarlips/Dahlia Wolf for picking me for their first blogger collab!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Handmade Pearl Choker, Bow Tie Blouse c/o Sugarlips, Vintage Map Leggings c/o Dreamachine Clothing, Nude Ankle-Strap Pumps from Nine West

Once someone who couldn't go without her backlit lighting, I've realized that with the right type of Levels and Curve editing, overcast lighting is a lot more fun to shoot in! This type of lighting adds a lot more dimension to my bone structure and I feel that that gives these photos more character. What do you guys think of the new style of photos today?

I couldn't resist styling these map leggings from Dreamachine with this old fashioned looking blouse to give off the charm of a voyager from the past! My sister said I looked like Christopher Columbus, and I feel that I should take that as a compliment. The pearl choker I'm wearing is something my mom bought for me but I never knew what to wear it with. I do have to say that it seemed like this choker and these leggings were meant to be paired with each other! Not only do they match perfectly in hue, but the pearls remind me of the types of riches you might find during an expedition while hunting for treasure.

I've also teamed up with Lazy Twins for a new giveaway for one piece of your choice from their store! Lazy Twins is a new brand with an indie/bohemian feel that recently started up last September. My personal favorite pieces are this sweatshirt and this floral blazer! This giveaway will end on June 23rd at 12 AM PST. It is open to US residents. Good luck! <3

Any one item from the Lazy Twins store of your choice


Monday, June 10, 2013

China Print Blouse c/o The Editor's Market, Cross Necklace c/o LoveStylize, White Skinny Jeans c/o Articles of Society, Nude Ankle-Strap Pumps from Nine West

The past few weeks in general have been very busy and exhausting, but this is one of the outfits I recently wore and just now got the chance to post to my blog. I love china prints at the moment so this blouse from The Editor's Market will definitely be a piece I'll be wearing a lot. To highlight the blue detailing, I paired the top with these stark, white jeans from Articles of Society. The cross necklace was something I added since I felt that this outfit would be too bare without some type of jewelry!

Anyways, last Friday, I finally graduated from high school! I apologize for not posting very much recently, but this summer, I'm hoping to cohere to a personal goal of posting 3-4 times a week now (at least until I move during mid-August). There are two main things that occurred during my slight absence that I want to take the time to update you guys about though! :)

The first being my experience in attending the x Levi's party in San Francisco on May 30th. My cousin was kind enough to drive me up to San Francisco and it was really nice having her there with me. I would definitely be lying though if I said I wasn't nervous because I'm not a partier at all and was worried I wouldn't know what to do with myself there. But once I got to meet the Lookbook staff as well as their interns, Nicole and Shannon, I felt a lot more comfortable and it was a great experience getting to meet the individual staff members too! I even got to meet Jella, who is the owner of Sophiscat (one of my sponsors). And it also helped that Jeff, one of the Lookbook staff members, was an Iron Man fan himself. I even have a really cool "HYPE" t-shirt in my wardrobe now as well, which they were handing out at the party :) Below are some of my favorite photos from the party, and you can see more photos from the Facebook album here.

Me with Andy, Jasmine (My cousin), and Jeff
Me with Yuri and Jasmine
Secondly, I wanted to include some photos from my graduation in this post! My marching partner was one of my best friends, Kayla. It is awesome to know that I'll be able to come back to California with her when our semesters in New York end! But the most exciting part of our graduation ceremony was when our valedictorian, Christina, gave me an unexpected shoutout in her speech about my fashion design pursuits, so I hope that if she is reading this, she'll know that it made my night! My family and I went out to the Red Lobster for dinner afterwards, and later that night, I attended my Grad Night. I left a bit early at 4 AM in the morning, but even that was rather late for me and I was pretty exhausted. My favorite part of Grad Night was getting to go rock climbing, go cart racing, and eating corn on the cob at 2 AM.

Me and Kayla during our graduation march
Me and our valedictorian, Christina!
With my friends, Chetan and Sophie!
Cheers to the Class of 2013 and to the beginning of summer!