Saturday, September 28, 2013

Photos by Zhi Wei

The weather and sunshine especially were beautiful last weekend at Coney Island! Although it was too cold to go in the water, it was fun getting to wear my swimsuit from Triangl! The entire thing is made out of neoprene so it's rather durable and doesn't wrinkle either. The cut of the swimsuit is also very flattering and there are so many colors to choose from! It even came with a neoprene drawstring bag for you to store your swimsuit in :)

Earlier today I got to model for my friend and fellow classmate, DJ, in a conceptual photo shoot based on the topic of "Time" for one of his classes! The photos show a lot of emotion and more dynamic poses so I'm excited to show them to you soon! Aside from that, I'm currently working on constructing an icosahedron (which is a 20 sided polyhedron with triangular faces) for my 3D class out of PVC vinyl. My fingers are in slightly in pain as I type this but my 3D class is one of my favorite and most rewarding classes this semester!


Monday, September 23, 2013

Chiffon Hair Bow from Icing's, White Eyelet Bustier from Forever 21, Light Blue Maxi Skirt c/o Chicwish, Nude Ankle Strap Pumps from Nine West

Photos by Zhi Wei

When I first saw this skirt from in this beautiful shade of blue, I immediately knew I wanted to do a Cinderella inspired look with it! For this fairytale inspired look, Zhi and I decided to shoot on the steps at the New York Public Library to recreate the scene when Cinderella was leaving the ball. I only wish I had some glass slippers to complete this look (although some cute lucite heels would be an interesting, modern take on the slippers)! I also wouldn't mind an impromptu trip to Disneyland either!

I had a lot of fun this weekend shooting new outfit posts around Brooklyn and again in Coney Island for the Singaporean brand, Stolen. Zhi has done photography work for Stolen before which is how I had the opportunity to model for the brand. It was also a pleasure to meet the designer, Elyn Wong! I can't forget to mention how happy and excited I was to see someone dressed up in an Iron Man suit while we were at Coney Island either!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

DIY Flower Crown, Airplane Necklace c/o 2020AVE, Aqua Wrap Dress c/o LOVE, White Skinny Belt from Forever 21, Mint Socks c/o 2020AVE, White Platform Sandals from Soda

Photos by Zhi Wei

Shooting these photos at Coney Island with Zhi and being at the beach again really helped to relieve some of my homesickness for California. Even though the weather and water temperatures of the beaches here are much different, Coney Island itself actually reminds me a lot of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. All the bright colors and fun atmosphere of the theme park make it the perfect location to shoot this playful look, while the beach also compliments the aqua tone of this wrap dress from LOVE and my aqua socks from 2020AVE! And having shot these photos a few weeks ago when I had just recently moved to New York, my airplane necklace, also from 2020AVE, was a particularly meaningful accessory to remind me of home.

And of course, thank you guys so much for all the birthday wishes! <3

PS: For free shipping and £12 off of orders over £40 at LOVE, use the code 12SEPT! (Valid on full price items, through midnight September 18th).


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Harness Chiffon Dress c/o Minty Jungle, Nude Ankle Strap Pumps from Nine West

Photos by Zhi Wei

Yesterday, on Friday the 13th, I celebrated my 18th birthday! The day was far from unlucky though; it was the best birthday celebration I've ever had! My project for my studio class received a very good critique, and on top of that, we didn't have to attend our evening classes because of Yom Kippur :) After class, I headed out to Bryant Park with Zhi to shoot 2 looks: a Cinderella inspired look on the New York Public Library steps, and my birthday look at the carousel! For dinner, I went with Zhi, and my other friends, Kayla and Jewel, and had noodles at Republic in Union Square. I bought lottery tickets and scratch cards after dinner but unfortunately, I didn't win anything... But when I returned to my dorm room that night, my amazing roommates Daisy, Melissa, and Sam, surprised me with this hilarious cake. I wish I could relive yesterday over and over again!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

High Slit Maxi Tank Dress c/o 2020AVE, Black Skinny Belt from Forever 21, Nude Ankle Strap Pumps from Nine West

Photos by Andrew Jefferis

Photoshoots with flash normally aren't my cup of tea, but my friend Andrew really knows how to work with it! We had gotten dressed up to go to a party on Sunday night but unfortunately we weren't able to get in because we were under 21. We made the best of that night though, and went around into this alleyway so as not to let this outfit go to waste! Everything always works out for the best though, because otherwise we wouldn't have gotten these incredible shots!

I originally intended to wear this dress from 2020AVE a couple weeks ago to accompany my boyfriend to a wedding but wasn't able to go. He said the dress would have made him feel like James Bond which is how this look got its title! I love the soft jersey material of this dress and the way it fits like a glove. The high slit also makes your legs look incredibly long. All in all, I'm so happy with the way these photos came out and I'm also super excited for Andrew and his nomination as Fashion Photographer of the Year by the New York Fashion Awards committee!


Wednesday, September 04, 2013

White Ruched Cardigan c/o Sophiscat, Sunkissed Dress c/o Lovers + Friends, White Gladiator Sandals c/o Choies

This is the last outfit post I took before I left for New York that I never got the chance to post! (I'm still in New York, don't worry!) I've made it through my first week at Parsons and am halfway through my second week at this point in time. I am so grateful to be able to study at this school with all the amazing faculty and my talented peers. What they say about foundation year being intense is true, but all the time spent on our assignments is worth it when you see the end result! If you've recently written to me asking about Parsons, know that I got your email and do intend on replying when I have a spare moment between balancing schoolwork with blogging :)

In this outfit, I'm wearing a ruched cardigan from Sophiscat which kind of reminds me of a fluffy cloud. I actually recently ordered a duvet from Target for my dorm room that looks just like it! I paired this cardigan with a simple and romantic dress from Lovers + Friends. I'm especially appreciating having this airy dress in my closet because I'm still adjusting to the humidity of New York! (In California, it does get hot, but the air is dry instead of humid.) And I don't even know where to begin with these shoes, but I've never been as obsessed over a pair of shoes as I am with these! I just love the way this minimalist design also has a bit of a fantasy aspect to it. And the strap right below the knee is great for making your legs look more toned!

The next few days for me are going to be a lot of fun since New York Fashion Week is starting and I'm finally in the city to enjoy it in person! I'm especially excited about attending the NYFW party this weekend but even more so excited to finally meet my blogger BFF, Bobby Raffin!!!