Thursday, May 22, 2014

Yellow Statement Necklace c/o Topshop, Cutaway Crop Top c/o Topshop, White Skinny Jeans c/o Articles of Society, Thin White Sweater from Forever 21, Jeweled Transparent Clutch c/o Topshop, White High Tops from Converse

Two very important and exciting things happened this week: I finished my first year at Parsons this Monday and started my first internship at Seventeen Magazine on Tuesday!! I have learned so much this year and cannot wait to delve into my fashion design studies come this fall. And I can't wait for the valuable skills and experiences I will have at Seventeen this summer! I'm a fashion intern so a lot of the work I do entails assisting in the fashion closet, which in case you are wondering is every bit as amazing and expansive as you would imagine it to be. I'll be sure to share more about my experience as the weeks go on though!

This outfit is my second look for the Chictopia x Topshop project I got a chance to take part in. I went to the Topshop store in NY last weekend and got to pick out a few new pieces: this statement necklace, the jeweled transparent clutch, and the cutaway crop top! I have really been loving all the jewelry and accessories that's been combining neon beads with classic gems. They are a welcome addition to my closet after wearing so much black this year. As I wanted the focus to be on my necklace and bag, I opted for an all white look and paired my Topshop crop top with a pair of classic, white skinny jeans, and comfy Converse high tops. Once you live in New York for a while, comfortable shoes really become a priority (if not, a requirement) when you know you'll be walking around the city a lot. I never thought it would happen, but I am definitely a huge fan of sneakers again :)


Monday, May 05, 2014

Photos by Zhi Wei

Although I already had my senior prom last year, I was more than excited to style another prom look this year as part of a project for Chictopia x Topshop! Topshop recently launched their special prom collection, full of both long and short dresses alike, and this was the dress I picked out to model for you guys! I loved the way this dress fit me at the hips and the silky feeling of the fabric! The cape back also reminded me of something a classic Hollywood starlet would have worn, while the red-orange color gave the dress a fresh and contemporary twist.

For now, I'm currently trying my best to keep my head afloat during finals. I'm also in the process of moving to my new apartment which is both something I view with excitement and a headache at the same time. It was lots of fun picking out my new furniture, but the not so fun part is having to deal with moving all my belongings and assembling all the furniture (Yes, because I bought all of it at IKEA). I will however, be making time for a special shopping trip to the Topshop in New York on Saturday, May 17th so if any of you also live in New York and want to stop by and say hi, I'll be there during the day for some post-finals retail therapy! :)