Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I have been wanting to do a "What's In My Bag" post for a while now and figured it would be a fun twist to do a what's in my bag (well technically, backpack) post with an art school spin! Aside from the basics such as your phone or wallet of course, here are eleven essentials I carry around as a student at Parsons!

1. Intel 2 in 1 Surface Pro 2
This device has been quite handy for school for me! I used to hate lugging my heavy laptop to class all the time but now I can opt to take my Surface Pro which is a ton lighter. The fact that you can use it as a laptop too with the magnetic keyboard is another plus for when I want to be able to take notes! As part of my drawing classes we are also required to have tablets for doing digital illustrations. Most students bring their laptop and a tablet you plug into it, but I can actually draw directly on this thing with the tablet pen it comes with so I am quite happy that I have no more back pain :) In my downtime, some of my other favorite things to use the Surface Pro for is Skyping friends and family, or reading e-books.

A closeup of some of my doodles. I love that you can draw in so many different mediums!

2. Sketchbook
You should never go to class in art school without a sketchbook or notebook (and don't be that person that has to ask someone else to rip out pages from their own sketchbook because you didn't bring anything to draw or write on!) Sketchbooks are especially important to have when a great concept or design idea pops into your head and you need to record it right away.

3. Your favorite things to draw or write with
My pencil bag staples are as follows: black Sharpies (thin and thick), a black felt tip pen, a super thin Micron pen, cheaper ball point pens (for note taking), a set of graphite pencils in varying hardnesses, an eraser pen, a big eraser, and a good sharpener. While I normally end up taking a lot of other things to my drawing class such as sets of oil pastels, watercolors, or colored pencils, these are the things I like to carry around for everyday use.

4. Blick Mesh Zipper Bags
These are cheap, super durable, and it's great that they are transparent so you can see everything you have :) I like to get these in a variety of sizes.

5. Masking tape
I know this one seems really random but I've actually found this to be extremely handy in all my fashion studio classes: design, illustration, and construction, so I like to have it on hand at all times!

6. C-Thru Grid Ruler
THIS IS MY FAVORITE RULER OF ALL TIME <3 I have been a loyal user of these rulers ever since I discovered them 5 years ago. It's so easy to use when making marks on fabric because of the transparent grid, and also doubles as the perfect straight edge for tearing paper neatly.

7. Granola bars (Or other easy to bring snacks!)
At art school, 6 hour studio classes are the norm. This semester I have two 6 hour classes, and three 3 hour classes. I have yet to encounter a class that is less than 3 hours haha. You will definitely become hungry and you need to keep your energy up to function throughout the entire class period.

8. Bandaids
I definitely accidentally hurt myself doing my projects more than I would like to admit. As a fashion design major, seam rippers pose a particular threat. Let's not mention the stories I have heard of students hurting themselves on accident when using Olfa knives or working on sewing machines. Simple papercuts can cause you more of a headache than you expect too! You could end up bleeding onto a garment you are working on or onto one of your drawings... so always be prepared with bandaids!

9. Hand sanitizer
This one is kind of a given for any student, but even more important when you live in a city where you may use the subway or bus a lot to get to and from school! It's so easy to get sick when everyone is touching the same handrail on the subway, or the same door handle to get into the classroom.

10. Reusable tote
I always save the reusable tote bags I get from shopping at stores such as Urban Outfitters and these are perfect to fold up and keep in your backpack or bag to help reduce your use of plastic or paper bags. I love using these to carry around any more fragile projects such as sculptures or garments that I might not want to stuff into my backpack.

11. Reusable water bottle
Because honestly, why constantly spend money on bottled water when most schools have special water fountains for refilling your own water bottle? Reduce your plastic use and also spend your money on other more worthwhile things such as school supplies or transportation :) Also, thanks to my boyfriend Chris for giving me this water bottle! <3

I hope you guys enjoyed getting a peak into my backpack, which is from Urban Outfitters in case any of you are wondering and has lasted me so far since the beginning of last year! :)

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  1. Amazing post! ♥ :D


  2. Great post Jennifer :")

    I was also wondering, what is the drawing/painting app/program on your tablet?

    1. Hi Emy! The program comes with the tablet and it's called "Fresh Paint." So sorry about getting back to you so late; I've been so busy with school recently! I hope this helps though! Best wishes <3

    2. Thank you so much for answering back, especially since you're so busy! I hope your time at Parson's is a lovely one :>. P.S. I just adore your blog and style so much, you're one of my many inspirations :").

    3. Aww you're welcome, and it's no problem at all! Parsons is amazing although the workload has no mercy lol! And thank you so much, those words really do help keep me motivated to continue blogging! <3

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