Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pink Neoprene Vest c/o Minnoji, Magnolia Necklace from The Quite Riot, Black Clutch Purse c/o Dagne Dover, Peplum Mini Skirt from Forever 21, Over The Knee Socks from Forever 21, Lace Up Booties from White Mountain

Photos by Milena Encheva

Pink and neoprene are two of my favorite things, which undoubtedly made this Minnoji vest a must-have piece for me! When Milena, the designer of Minnoji, reached out to me, I was beyond excited to work with her because her clothing is just my style: edgy and romantic. As a student who goes to a fashion school, you really have to go above and beyond to stand out in a sea of already fashionably-dressed students! This vest certainly does the trick though, and it looks great zipper down or with the collar up too :) I hope you guys will visit the Minnoji website and support Milena's designs! She is the sweetest person too!

As for the rest of my outfit, I am wearing a bold statement necklace from The Quiet Riot which I paired with my peplum skirt from Forever 21, and my new clutch wallet from Dagne Dover. This little wallet has compartments for literally everything—even your lipstick! I also have a larger handbag from them which I'll be featuring to you guys soon, which has compartments for your laptop and even one for your water bottle. Definitely a great bag for the New Yorker on the go or for the student who wants to go to school in style!

This week in school has been pretty rough with the workload, so it is nice to finally be able to kick back a little and share some new posts with you guys! Hope you have a great weekend! <3


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fluffy Green Coat c/o Oasap, Statement Necklace c/o Lulu's, Love Games Dress c/o Lover's & Friends, Nude Ankle Strap Heels from Nine West

It's been a long time since I posted any outfits as school has become my main priority since I came back to New York, but during the past few weeks I've been shooting some amazing new outfit posts that I'm super excited to show you as I've gotten to feature garments from talented FIT and Parsons graduates :) Before I publish my newest content, I thought it would also make sense to post some of the looks I never got around to posting just to get caught up with everything. This particular look was actually taken last Christmas time in California which it also why it looks so festive... hahaha with the coat on it definitely looks like a Christmas outfit but with it off, it could certainly pass for a 4th of July look!

This coat from Oasap is one of my favorites when it starts getting really chilly in New York as it's not heavy like other coats can be. The red dress is from Lover's & Friends and it has become one of my go-to pieces when I want to put something on quickly yet still look put together. I love the way it fits me so well too and how good quality the thicker fabric is. To make the look more dressy, I wore my statement necklace from Lulu's and wore my American flag print scarf which can also double as an interesting shawl! And I completed the look with my favorite shoes, BUT somehow these shoes disappeared and I'm pretty sad because I was rather attached to them :(

Perhaps it is all for the best though, as this will force me to wear different types of shoes, although I will likely go on the hunt for a replacement pair in a similar style shortly after finishing this post ;) Anyways, I thank you guys for sticking with me during the times I have to put my blog on pause because of school and I hope you guys will continue to stick around for the new posts from New York I have coming up! <3


Saturday, October 04, 2014

Today I want to share with guys a video I did with Chictopia and fellow fashion blogger, Barbro Andersen for the Chictopia Youtube channel on the "Best Thrift and Vintage Stores in New York!" (So yes, you will hear my voice in this!) It is always weird for me hearing my voice in any type of recording but I actually feel like my voice didn't sound so strange to me in a video for once haha :) For this video, I took Chictopia to my favorite thrift store in New York, Beacon's Closet, which is right next to Parsons. I've found a lot of interesting vintage and designer pieces there, and have also sold many of my clothes there. Chictopia also went to another one of my favorites, No Relation Vintage, which is full of vintage pieces (in comparison to Beacon's, which has a lot of more recent designer pieces) and notably has a huge selection of high waisted denim shorts for like $5-10 each! Anyways, I hope you guys will enjoy the video and will stop by these stores if you get a chance in the future :) If you like this video, be sure to browse some of the other fun videos Chictopia does for their channel too! Have a great weekend everyone!