Sunday, November 16, 2014

Amoreblocks Dress c/o Lady Faith

Photos by Zhi Wei

Black, white, and red is such a timeless color combination, and even better when beautiful, graphic prints such as this one are involved! This is the second look I did featuring pieces from Lady Faith, which if you guys have seen my first post here, know that all the prints are drawn by Parsons graduate, Nazli Soylu, and that each print has a unique message behind it that will tell you something about yourself based on the particular print you find yourself drawn to.

This dress features the Amoreblocks print which holds the message of love acceptance. Nazli writes that the presence of less colors indicates a blockage of your loving side but that the read heart symbolizes a personal activation to break through and be able to give and receive more love. I love the way that the print directly reflects the message, and vice versa. For me, I think this means that I should be open to spending time with more people, rather than closing myself off to a very few select people. And I think it can't hurt to take this advice of course! <3

I hope you guys are enjoying the new posts, and if there's any specific types of posts you want to see, you can always let me know! x


Sunday, November 09, 2014

Black Neoprene Jacket c/o Minnoji, Cowl Neck Top from Forever 21, Bandage Skirt from H&M, Tights from HUE, Neoprene Platform Boots c/o Miista

Photography by SJ & Lindsey from Le-Sycomore

As much as I love wearing bright colors and prints, I have to admit that half my closet is actually comprised of black clothing and that in my morning haste to get to school on time, I usually come to school wearing all black. Some people say that the all black look is a cliché of art school students, but it does certainly have its appeal when you have a 6 hour drawing class and know you are going to walk out with charcoal all over you! ;) The beauty of monochromatic looks though, is the freedom they give you to experiment with different silhouettes so you can have the focus of your outfit be on the shape of the clothing.

For that reason, having classic pieces in unusual fabrics and shapes, such as this coat and these platform boots, is what is going to make your look truly your own! I love this neoprene coat from Minnoji because of the way it feels against my skin and the lovely drape it has on the body—structured, yet still soft. And these neoprene boots to match from Miista have the coolest arch and heel shape; plus they make my legs look super long!

It's funny because whenever people meet me for the first time but have seen my photos online beforehand, one of the first things they often say is how I look so much taller in pictures. Well my little secret to that is monochromatic dressing. You basically want to match your legwear with your shoes so your legs become a seamless illusion where you can't tell where the shoe starts and it looks like your leg is actually just extremely long ;) Here I've done it with black tights and black boots, but you can also do this simply with a good pair of nude pumps. If you want to make your legs look even longer, you can wear high waisted shorts, which will further elongate your lower half. Now you guys know my secret ;) but I hope it inspires you to experiment and try it out for yourself too!

PS: If you guys want to check out a new fashion and lifestyle blog started by my stylish friend SJ and his equally fashionable, girlfriend Lindsey, be sure to stop by Le-Sycomore! They have the cutest couples outfit posts! <3


Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Kumrouge Dress c/o Lady Faith, Wrist Tie c/o Lady Faith, Black Ankle Strap Heels from Ivanka Trump

Photography by Zhi Wei

One of the most remarkable powers of clothing is its ability to transform your mood and energy, and Lady Faith is a brand founded on this very concept! Designed by a Parsons fashion design graduate, Nazli Soylu is the Turkish designer and artist behind Lady Faith who also worked for Diane Von Furstenberg as the head print designer for 3 years before launching her brand in 2011. Since then she's shown 4 times at MBFW in Instanbul (and you can watch her most recent show here)! Nazli says that every print she creates is meant to invoke different feelings and emotions in each individual and the prints that you are drawn to help you connect with your inner self, transforming your energy. 

When I met Nazli at the Coterie trade show as part of a field trip for class a few weeks ago, I fell in love with the Kumrouge print I am wearing today! The essence of this print is all about sharing and spreading love to those around you, and the idea that when you give and share to others, you will receive the same in return. In Nazli's words, "By being yourself, you will attract what you want to have in life. Be how you want to see the world." I have to say this message definitely corresponds with me—when I saw Nazli's designs, I knew I wanted to show you guys her artwork and it only makes sense that I gravitated towards the print with the message of sharing! I also agree with her that in life, you get back what you are willing to give.

So what do you guys think? Are you curious to see what message the prints you like have to deliver to you? If you are, you can browse the entire Lady Faith collection here and read more on the meanings of the individual prints here. I'd love to know which prints you guys gravitated towards in the comments too! :) And you can email Nazli at if you have any questions or if you'd like to place an order there instead of through the website. Hope you guys will be inspired just as I was by the artwork of Lady Faith! <3