Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Crown Headband from Icing's, Vintage Cashmere Sweater, Sequin Midi Skirt c/o Ida Sjöstedt, Vintage Tapestry Purse, Gold Sandal Heels from Nine West

Photos by Christopher from Unbearably Stylish

Although I feel that my style fluctuates every few months, I find that one mode of dressing I always return to is a fairytale-inspired style. There is a playful charm in getting dressed up like a princess, but a sophistication in crafting such a look with more grown-up pieces such as midi skirts and strappy heels. 

This golden crown is one of my most treasured finds (can you believe I found it at Icing's for $5?), as well as this vintage tapestry purse I got on Etsy for $15! The cashmere sweater was thrifted from Beacon's Closet for $18, while the sandals are the heels that I wore from my senior prom. 

The focal point of this outfit for me was this beautiful Ida Sjöstedt skirt from the Tictail pop up shop in New York. Tictail is an e-commerce platform that allows individuals to set up their own online store for free, and they have so many amazing up and coming designers and artists selling their items on it! Of the many brands the people at Tictail introduced me to during my store visit, Ida Sjöstedt was my favorite, and I was so happy to take home this incredible midi skirt! It is such a great piece for when you want to add glamour to your outfit but don't want to commit to wearing a full length gown for example.

A final thank you to my boyfriend Chris for taking these photos for me! If you have a minute, please check out his Instagram too :) And a happy 2015 to all you guys too!


  1. What a gorgeous skirt! Can't believe that cashmere sweater was only $18. You look like a princess :) Happy 2015!

  2. You definitely do rock the fairytale look, this is super pretty <3

    The Quirky Queer

  3. I can totally tell this is fairytale inspired, you look like a goddess! Love the sparkle so much!

    Kaylyn Nicole

  4. in loove with your skirt !
    and you look gorgeous with it !


  5. Love the skirt and fuzzy jumper! Beautiful!

  6. JENNIFER ahh you are too beautiful it is unreal! Definitely feeling the fairytale vibes!
    Also, I can't believe you got such good deals on the clothing pieces. They all seriously look like they could cost up to hundreds- individually! :O
    -Ally Gong

  7. This is absolutely stunning, I've just seen this outfit on instagram. So so beautiful, I love the skirt and that headpiece all goes together perfectly x

  8. good:) xx

  9. Charming! :)

  10. the skirt is really lovely, love the whole look!

  11. You are so pretty! The outfit looks so good on you :)

  12. Jennifer, did you know that you really look like a princess? ;P
    Your look is stunning as always! <3
    It's amazing you got those pieces for such a bargain :D

  13. Beautiful!! ♥

  14. Your style is really awesome! Love all the pics!

  15. Love that look !

    Follow you ♥



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