Tuesday, March 17, 2015

DIY Gold Lace Crown, Pink Off-Shoulder Gown (Similar) c/o Lulu*s, Floral Hand Bracelet c/o Roses & Clementines, Gold Pointy Heels (Similar) c/o Lulu*s

Photos by my sister Michelle

For the second look in my storybook series, I chose none other than Sleeping Beauty, also known as Princess Aurora. As pink is my favorite color, I knew from the beginning I would want to recreate a modern pink princess look, complete with a gold tiara crown!

The crown is something I made one morning with a trusty hot glue gun, spare headband, and some lace trim I had lying around. For a one hour project, it certainly came out so much better than expected! For Princess Aurora's dress, I chose this beautiful high-low chiffon dress from Lulu's. As it had an off the shoulder neckline as well, I felt it was very fitting as a modern translation of Aurora's ball gown!

As flowers are a motif I strongly associate with the story of Sleeping Beauty, I styled in my floral hand bracelet from Roses & Clementines, and then finished the look with a pair of classic gold pumps from Lulu's to compliment the gold in the crown. As a disclaimer, I don't recommend walking around on hills in high heels, but sometimes the challenge is worth it to get the perfect shot ;) Special thanks to Chris for being so kind in carrying me on the hill, and to my sister for her photography and creative direction in transforming that tree stump into a beautiful rose throne! Hope you guys like the photos! <3

And a special announcement! I am going to be hosting Alice and Olivia's shopping event this Saturday, March 21st from 2-5 PM to celebrate the 3rd year anniversary of their San Francisco store!! If any of you guys can make it, it would make me so happy to meet you and I would also gladly personally style you! <3 In addition to an amazing discount, champagne, and sweets, there will be a live DJ too so it will definitely be a very fun time! :) 


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pocket Watch Necklace c/o Jezie Jewelry, Vintage Red Blanket Coat, Brush Strokes Dress c/o Talulah,   Neoprene Platform Boots c/o Miista

Brush stroke inspired prints are apparently something I've unawarely developed a bit of a penchant for. From my outfit posts here and here featuring artwork from Lady Faith, to this statement making piece from Talulah, I just love how alive and expressive these types of prints look! This black and white dress really goes with just about any color and is super easy to style. Feeling more bold this particular day, I paired it with this stunning red blanket coat which I thrifted for only $10! It's super comfy, looks great at every angle and drape of the lapels, and is truly perfect for the person who just can't get out of bed ;)

For a whimsical touch, I wore this beautiful pocket watch necklace from Jezie Jewelry, and I can tell you it is as fun as it looks to flip it open all dramatically! For those of you who love whimsical jewelry, Jezie Jewelry also has vial, crystal, charm, and hand-stamped pieces and they are very affordable!

In the end, I still can't decide if this look is more reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland, Cruella Deville, or Little Red Riding Hood! I'd love to know in the comments which character/story you guys think this look resembles the most though!

PS: Please forgive the Christmas lights and a wreath in the background as this was one of the many looks I shot during my winter vacation! :P


Sunday, March 01, 2015

Cobra Lily Lipstick c/o Shien Cosmetics, Color Block Scarf from Gap, Grey Cropped Sweater c/o Missguided, Grey Knit Skirt from Urban Outfitters, Green Vintage Purse, Burgundy Thigh Highs c/o Soxxy, Burgundy Platform Boots from Urban Outfitters

Photos by Unbearably Stylish

This is one of my go-to outfits in the winter for when I'm feeling like throwing something cozy and comfortable on, but still want to look cute and put together! Thick knits and thigh high socks are two of my favorite types of pieces to combine in colder weather. This cropped sweater is from Missguided and it happened to match perfectly with my knit skirt from Urban Outfitters! They are both great pieces worn separately, but together they form a very adorable two piece sweater ensemble :)

Whenever I wear grey though, I always feel the need to add a pop of color, so I threw on this color block scarf I acquired from Poshmark! My burgundy thigh high socks from Soxxy also helped make this look more lively, while my platform boots helped add height while still keeping it comfortable. To further add to all these burgundy tones in my outfit, I put on this deep red lipstick from Shien Cosmetics! I love their lipsticks because of how vibrantly and smoothly the colors apply, and also how long lasting they are. I definitely recommend trying them! <3 

And my purse–I actually got this beauty from my mom's closet! Recently I've started becoming more of a bag person so expect to see many more purses and such in future looks! Until next time, I hope you all are keeping warm! x