Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pocket Watch Necklace c/o Jezie Jewelry, Vintage Red Blanket Coat, Brush Strokes Dress c/o Talulah,   Neoprene Platform Boots c/o Miista

Brush stroke inspired prints are apparently something I've unawarely developed a bit of a penchant for. From my outfit posts here and here featuring artwork from Lady Faith, to this statement making piece from Talulah, I just love how alive and expressive these types of prints look! This black and white dress really goes with just about any color and is super easy to style. Feeling more bold this particular day, I paired it with this stunning red blanket coat which I thrifted for only $10! It's super comfy, looks great at every angle and drape of the lapels, and is truly perfect for the person who just can't get out of bed ;)

For a whimsical touch, I wore this beautiful pocket watch necklace from Jezie Jewelry, and I can tell you it is as fun as it looks to flip it open all dramatically! For those of you who love whimsical jewelry, Jezie Jewelry also has vial, crystal, charm, and hand-stamped pieces and they are very affordable!

In the end, I still can't decide if this look is more reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland, Cruella Deville, or Little Red Riding Hood! I'd love to know in the comments which character/story you guys think this look resembles the most though!

PS: Please forgive the Christmas lights and a wreath in the background as this was one of the many looks I shot during my winter vacation! :P


  1. Either way, this is how fairytales would look reinterpreted for the modern world

  2. i think of little red riding hood !!
    love your coat !


  3. love this outfit, especially the coat! :)

  4. I love this especially that red coat, can't believe it was only for $10, such a good bargain! This definitely for me is more Alice in Wonderland, so pretty <3

  5. This blanket coat omg! love it!

    Maë from

  6. The coat looks so beautiful!

  7. Love your style! x -

  8. I just died! I adore this look! ^^ ♥

  9. I liked red coat and the necklace. The price is so less. I am going to take it. I want to take it one. If it is okay, then i will buy for my whole family. The pictures show that it will be great and i get comfort to use it. Thanks for sharing this item and see you later.


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