Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Three Pearl Necklace c/o Lulu*s, Vintage Long White Gloves, Gold Metallic Gown c/o Lulu*s, Gold Pointy Toed Heels (Similar) c/o Lulu*s

Photos by my sister, Michelle

The third look in my storybook series is inspired by Princess Belle! Ever since I was young, Beauty and the Beast has been one of my favorite fairytales because for some reason I just really loved the characters of Mrs. Potts and Chip (the talking teapot and teacup), as well as the Wardrobe.

In putting together a modern interpretation of Belle's outfit, I started my search looking for a yellow gown. Though after some more thought, I realized that gold was a much better color to go with because it does have yellow tones but in a much more subtle and wearable way. Not to mention, gold looks great on all complexions (whereas yellow can be tricky!), and is extremely elegant! Because Belle also accessorizes her dress with a pair of long gloves, I paired my gown with these vintage white gloves, and then added my pearl necklace for a touch of detail that even casually references the "pearl" adornments at the top of her dress bodice.  And this look certainly would not be complete without the most important symbol of the story, a single red rose. I will also admit I tied a gold ribbon around my head to match the headband Belle wears but unfortunately it is hard to see in the photos. But it is the thought that counts though right? ;)

This look concludes the first installment of the Storybook Series so I really hope you guys enjoyed it! I'm hoping to keep expanding this project once I finish finals and return home this summer so there will certainly be more installments coming :) Hope you guys have a wonderful week!


  1. You look incredible! These pictures are really stunning, and the dress is perfect on you. I like this dress better than Belle's yellow one ;) The girl should have gone for gold too, he he.
    Kisses from London!

    XO Imke //

  2. This is seriously beautiful. Love the dress!

  3. you look so lovely Jennifer, Belle is such a gorgeous princess and you've really lived up to her :) <3

  4. Oh my god, you look amazing and this dress is stunning! Nice job!

    Maë from

  5. Jennifer, your storybook series is so magical. Each post makes me squeal every time ♡
    Have a lovely week dearie

  6. The dress is absolutely perfect, and I love the delicate accessories. You look like a modern princess. I hope you actually will continue the series after your finals, because I've loved seeing your storybook posts :)

  7. I love this princess style series, such an original concept on the blogosphere.

  8. Waw, you look so beautiful in that dress!

  9. Yuhuu, you look so beautiful as always :)

    xx, Dee


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