Saturday, May 23, 2015

Snapback, Muscle Tee, Purple Boyshorts, Black Thong, and Striped Socks all c/o MeUndies
Tiny Tea Teatox c/o Your Tea

Those who know me in person know that I love staying home and relaxing, so much more than I do going out. For homebodies like me, comfy and cute loungewear is something you definitely can't live without ;) Today I want to share with you guys an awesome new loungewear brand called MeUndies. Everything they make is so incredibly soft and comes in a ton of patterns and colors. I also love how their delicate knits like this muscle tee still holds up amazingly well in the wash!

Another thing that's absolutely essential for a lazy day in bed is some good tea and the one I've been drinking at the moment is Tiny Tea!  When Your Tea approached me asking if I wanted to try their tea, I was quite curious as I had heard a lot about how much it was raved about by other bloggers. They have a lot of different teas to choose from with varying benefits but I decided to try the Tiny Tea because one of the benefits that stood out to me was that it would increase energy and also decrease bloating. My first impression of the scent of the tea is that it has quite a nice earthy smell. The taste is like green tea but with a lot more layers in the flavor. As for the benefits, yes I did find that after drinking the tea I felt a lot more awake and for a prolonged time (compared to regular green tea) and that it did help my stomach with bloating as I have a habit of eating too fast. But ultimately, my favorite part about the tea is the amazing smell and taste (and the cute packaging doesn't hurt either!)

Now that I'm home for summer vacation, I look forward to many more lazy days with my MeUndies and my TinyTea :) I also hope you guys enjoyed the glimpse into my room! I have never shot a look in my room before but after seeing how well these photos came out with the lighting from my sliding door, I hope to utilize it a lot more!! Have a wonderful weekend! And if you have any specific questions about the tea, feel free to ask! xo


  1. Great photos! I love the vibes and you still look very stylish even in a casual outfit!

    Deasy Tantra

  2. love the comfy and relaxed look Jennifer, those socks are just the coolest and your mug is amazing! I want one haha <3

  3. I'm very impressed at how good you can make comfy clothes look.

  4. I love those socks, they are so cute!

  5. that mug is too cute!


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