Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cage Back Dress from Motel Rocks, Skinny Belt from Forever 21, Patent Boots from Zara, Lenox Bucket Bag c/o Galian Handbags

This summer I've been doing a big revamping of my wardrobe. I cleaned out a large majority of my closet by getting rid of items I hardly got any wear out of, and after realizing almost all of my closet had previously been comprised of "statement" pieces and hugely lacked the basics, I started focusing on the importance of wardrobe essentials. Don't get me wrong, I love statement pieces—but when you're rushing in the morning to get to class, you just want to put something on quick that you know is comfortable, looks good, and coordinates well with lots of things.

For me, I like my essentials to be black. It's kind of an art school cliché to dress in all black all the time but black to me always looks effortlessly put together and it doesn't show stains from drawing materials. Not to mention that dressing in a monochrome palette makes it near impossible to make an outfit that doesn't match! ;) I have also been doing a lot of secondhand shopping online on sites like Vinted and Poshmark! You save a lot of money this way while also lessening your impact on the environment. 

This dress from Motel Rocks is something I found on Poshmark for only $8! I love the simple fit in the front and the unexpected caged details in the back. A skinny belt emphasizes the shape of this dress and a pair of chunky heeled boots dresses up the look without going too overboard. Lastly, I love how this bucket bag from Galian Handbags adds a pop of color to this outfit! I have been so obsessed with bucket bags and was super excited to find this one! You can fit quite a lot in it and the shape stays in place so well.

Hope you guys like these photos! I shot them yesterday at UC Berkeley in front of the Doe Library building :) Have a lovely week! x


Tuesday, July 07, 2015



Those of you who have following my blog before last summer know that my hair used to be super long—at one point it was down to my tailbone! Well, last summer I cut it really short and though I don't regret it, I did start to miss my long hair a few months after and invested in a pair of hair extensions. Those extensions finally gave out and were beyond repair (they were synthetic after all) and I had been on the hunt for a new pair of much more high quality extensions. And it was such perfect timing that Irresistible Me emailed me that same week asking me if I wanted to try out their hair extensions! :)

I decided to pick out the Royal Remy real hair, clip-in extensions in the 22" length and in the "Royal Natural Black" color. They arrived in this cute black box and come packaged with 2 compartments. The smaller compartment contains a sample of the hair extensions for you to try out first before opening the full hair extensions. That way if the color doesn't match or you don't like the length you can still return/exchange them for free.

The set comes with 10 separate pieces: one 7.5" wide piece, two 6" wide pieces, five 4" wide pieces, and two 1.2" wide pieces. I didn't even have to put in all of the pieces to get the look I wanted, so it's nice to know that I have extra ones! Plus I really liked that the biggest piece was super sturdy in its construction and had 3 layers of extensions. The hair itself is extremely high quality—it's very thick, soft, and shiny!! They are just beautiful and blended in with my natural hair color very well. They are also easy to comb and do not get permanently frizzier like my synthetic ones did when I combed them. I am just so happy to have my tailbone-length hair back again! :)

I would gladly recommend these Irresistible Me extensions for anyone considering trying extensions for the first time or looking to buy a new pair! You will have beautiful, long hair in no time and the quality of the hair is amazing! <3