Friday, November 27, 2015

Not being a creature of the cold, I much prefer the holiday season in California, versus snowy New York! So today I'm bringing you guys my take on a holiday ready look, complete with a California twist, as part of my recent collaboration with Ardene! Ardene is a Canadian fashion retailer, but for those of you in New York, you'll be able to stop by their first US store at Crossgates Mall which just opened!

Even in the winter, I love being able to show some skin still so I'll make sure that I keep the rest of my body nice and warm. Luckily, California winters are not very brutal so I'm happy I get to wear crop tops year round! ;) I paired mine with a pair of black skinnies and matching black platform boots to further elongate the line of my legs. Then, to stay warm on top, I wore a chunky dark burgundy/plum cardigan, and layered a cozy plaid blanket scarf over it! Blanket scarves are definitely a favorite of mine because you can also wear them as a shawl! Lastly, to add a little sparkle, I wore these dainty sharktooth and crystal necklaces.

Anyways, thank you for stopping by and I hope for those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, that you all had a happy Thanksgiving! And if you're out shopping today, I hope that you got some great deals! :) 


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Golden Leaf Headband from Icing's, Off-The-Shoulder Red Lace Dress from For Love & Lemons, Vintage Gold Charm Belt, Gold Bow Cuff c/o Alice & Leon, Nude Lace Up Wedges from Dolce Vita

Photos by Ankur Maniar

Off-the-shoulder necklines and red lace are two things I can never resist, and I felt so lucky to have found them combined into one gorgeous dress! I love how romantic and regal this dress looks, while the off-the-shoulder neckline gives it a beachy, California flair.

This crown headband has been with me for many outfits, and wanting to give it a fresh look, I was playing around with it in my hair and discovered it surprisingly, looked quite nice worn on my forehead and layered under my hair. For the final gold accent, I accessorized with a golden bow cuff which also emphasized the overall, royal mood of the look!

This is the second look that I shot with my wonderful photographer and blogger friend, Ankur.  Hope you guys will take a sec to check out his blog too! You'll see some of the looks I helped him shoot on the same day as well :)


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Moon Hair Clip from Free People, DIY Lace Cross Choker, Tan Batwing Cardigan c/o Tart, White Tank from Urban Outfitters, Cross Arm Cuff c/o Merrin & Gussy, Cream Lace Skirt from Urban Outfitters, Lace Up Wedges from Dolce Vita

Photos by Ankur Maniar

Featuring fall tones and moon motifs—this look is inspired by the goddess of harvest! I'm really more of a spring and summer person in terms of style of clothing, but I love warm and earthy tones in the autumn! Nude pieces like this cardigan and these lace up wedges work year round and match with everything. I have a bit of an obsession with nude heels! Once I find a pair I really like, I can't stop wearing them which is what's going to happen with these ones ;)

I shot this look recently with my friend Ankur who aside from being a dedicated college student at UC Berkeley, is a very talented fashion photographer! He's so much fun to work with and has a great eye for lighting. I have lots more looks coming up shot by him too and I'm very eager to share them with you all!

Be sure to check out his blog and follow him on Instagram to keep up with his work and his own upcoming outfit posts which I got to help him shoot! <3


Monday, November 16, 2015

Cutout Cat Eye Sunglasses c/o Freyrs, DIY Rainbow Dress, Cutout Gem Cuff c/o 2020AVE, DIY White Fluffy Heels

Today's look is inspired by the sky: with rainbow gradients and fluffy cloud heels! I got this amazing rainbow dress for only $7 off of Vinted recently! It's originally from Forever 21 but as I needed to take it in on the sides a bit, I decided to also give the dress a whole new halter tie neckline while I was at it! 

The chunky white heels are from Poshmark which I got for only $9. I love fluffy heels but they can be expensive, but luckily it's super easy to add on the trim yourself, which you can find at the fabric store!

With some basic sewing skills and DIY knowledge, you can save a lot of money and transform old garments into new styles, which helps our environment too :) And definitely check out Vinted and Poshmark if you haven't before; especially if you love thrifting and shopping secondhand, you'll love being able to do so straight from your phone or computer!

For accessories, I wore these lovely cutout sunglasses from Freyrs! The shape of the frame is very flattering and the lenses have such a vibrant color to them. These are also super durable as the frame is metal! It paired so well with my cutout arm cuff from 2020AVE too. I love when things match so perfectly!

I hope you guys like the new post as more outfit posts are coming very soon! :) Hope you all have a lovely week!