Monday, December 21, 2015

Photos by Kiana Fatemi

Today's post is particularly special as I'd like to introduce you all to Bellovella, a new online marketplace where up-and-coming designers launch their collections! And their launch designer just so happens to be an incredibly talented Parsons graduate, Justin Chu, who is also the recipient of prestigious awards from CFDA and!

Bellovella's goal is to ensure that every talented designer has a chance to share their work with the world. One of the biggest challenges faced by new designers is getting their work produced and available for sale, and that's the problem that Bellovella is here to solve. I so strongly support what Bellovella is doing because:
1) I'm a fashion design student myself who understands the challenges and financial obstacles of getting a clothing line produced 
2) As a shopper (and also from a blogger's perspective,) who doesn't want to be the first to discover and be wearing the clothes of the next big designer or be wearing the next biggest trend/innovation? :)
Not to mention, the co-founders of Bellovella, whom I have met myself, are so kind, genuine, and devoted to what they do, so that in itself deserves it's own shoutout! :)

So onto the outfit—I'm wearing a sculptural white poncho top by Justin Chu! As a designer, Justin explores the notion that his wearers can find their own identity, world and form through escaping reality in their own silhouette. For me, this top, which I found reminiscent of a blanket of snow, transported me into a winter fantasy type of world, which was the basis of inspiration for this outfit! I hope you guys will like this "Snow Queen" inspired look and photos! ;)

Be sure to stop by Bellovella and check out the site too! <3


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