Wednesday, January 13, 2016

One of my resolutions for 2016 was to boost up my skincare regimen beyond from just cleanser and moisturizer, and today I'd like to share a review of two new products I had the chance to try out from Peach & Lily! Peach & Lily is an e-commerce site that carries innovate and cult-favorite Korean and Japanese beauty and skincare products. What I like about them
is they also have a team of licensed cosmetologists and estheticians to give you personalized skin consultations and product recommendations! 

As I'm not an expert on skincare products and where to start, it was awesome to be able to express my main skin concerns to them, and have them recommend what I should try out! I wanted to start an anti-aging/wrinkle prevention regimen as well as a product to lessen the appearance of my pores, with both products being sensitive-skin friendly. They recommended the Aromatica Argan Intensive Hydrating Serum and the Caolion "Where is Pore" Original Pack.

Though these products were sent to me to try out, my review is my honest opinion :)

Aromatica Argan Intensive Hydrating Serum — This serum containing pure, organic argan oil is said to have anti-aging, brightening, and hydrating properties. First of all, no skin irritation when I apply it, so yay! It does contain pure oil, but it absorbed quickly and did not clog my pores (even as someone with skin on the oily side). Since starting it, my skin does look more full/firm (especially noticeable for me as my left eye only, has an under eye bag, and that area looks more "filled in" now and even to the right eye!) and I've also started breaking out far less on my cheeks and the sides of my forehead. I really love this product and will continue using it in my routine!

Caolion Pore Original Pack — This is a deep cleansing and pore minimizing mask that also removes impurities, and is ideal for oily skin. It does have a cooling effect but even as someone with sensitive skin, it did not irritate my skin. I do believe you have to be careful not to apply it too thickly at first or the cooling effect may feel too strong for some people (as this was the case of my sister who also tried the pore mask with me!) But I applied a thin layer and all was good! After washing the mask off, which I applied to my nose and cheek area, my pores right away did look smaller! So it does work and you see the effects right after, just make sure to slowly build upon the thickness when you apply it in the beginning so you can gage the feeling of the cooling effect! :)

Hope you guys enjoyed the review and if you have any questions specifically about the products, feel free to leave me a question in the comments! <3

Both c/o Peach & Lily

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