Thursday, February 25, 2016

This is the first look we shot for my sustainability rebrand and the lighting was certainly on our side that day, illuminating the landscape with an ethereal aura! For this outfit, I put together a comfy and casual everyday look with some classic California beach vibes.

 Scroll to the end of this post for the outfit breakdown for each item and why it's sustainable!


Monday, February 22, 2016

Today, I am beyond excited to introduce the beginning of a new chapter for Art In Our Blood! From here on forward, Art In Our Blood will now be known as Sustainable Siren, a name I have chosen to mark my newfound commitment to sustainable and ethical fashion.

From now on, all my outfit posts will be comprised head-to-toe only of sustainable pieces, meaning everything you'll see me wearing will fall into one or more of the following categories :)

Organic   •   Recycled   •   Handmade   •    Fair Trade
Ethically Made   •   Made in the USA   •   Secondhand   •   Vintage
Convertible   •   Zero Waste Design

When I first started blogging 4 years ago, I was 15, and Art In Our Blood was born out of a desire to start building a name for myself in the fashion world, and wanting an outlet to share my love for fashion and personal style. In those 4 years, I've learned quite a lot about the fashion industry and how it works inside-and-out, and that includes both the good and bad. But 2015 was a year that really marked a turning point for me.

My education at Parsons especially, coupled with the increasing amount of media coverage I was exposed to in 2015 on climate change and the exploitation of so many factory workers, instilled in me a thorough and unsettling understanding of the ways in which a majority of the mainstream fashion industry sadly perpetuates labor issues and results in appalling environmental degradation.

As my knowledge of these issues increased, the more I understood just how urgently and critically that we needed change.

Racing Extinction

In December 2015, I watched the documentary, Racing Extinction, and it was the final push that incited me to take concrete action. What struck me the most from this documentary was when filmmaker Louie Psihoyos shared his story of the Baiji dolphin. He explained how two decades ago, he noticed that the Baiji dolphin was extremely vulnerable to extinction, with only hundreds of them left. He goes on to say:

 "This animal—it wasn't just the last of its species, it was the last of an entire family of cetaceans. So I thought—humans, somebody somewhere has got to go out and save these animals... they have to, because they're dying off! 
They're all gone now... They went extinct. In my lifetime, they went extinct. 
So... we always think there's going to be somebody else around to save these animals."

Why Each of Us Should and Can Help

So often we wish for change, but we fall into the mindset that surely, someone else out there will rise to the cause. But we can't keep waiting around for others to step up. Each of us has the power to help, so why shouldn't we?

I've noticed that many people may feel discouraged from trying because they don't believe they can make an actual difference in the long run, or they may think that the only way to make a substantial difference is as a scientist, a researcher, or an engineer out working in the field.

But I could not disagree more! No matter what field we work in or are studying towards, everyday we make lots of choices around our lifestyle and consumptive habits. Of these choices, we have infinite options—with some having a higher environmental impact and others being much more environmentally-friendly.

Small Changes to Your Daily Routine

For example, before we leave the house to go shopping, we can easily grab a reusable bag, rather than taking a plastic one at the store which we quickly discard after. Saying no to that plastic bag could mean one less bag that somehow makes its way into the ocean, where it can potentially harm sea life. Or maybe its a choice as simple as taking a shorter shower, choosing to air dry your hair rather than blow drying it, or eating more fruits and veggies and less meat (the livestock industry produces more greenhouse gases than the entire transportation industry!)

Small actions do matter, not just because they really do add up in the long run, but because they set good examples for other people, and often can inspire those around you to start thinking and acting more consciously too!

Conscious Fashion

Which brings me back to fashion—this type of conscious mindset is how we should be approaching fashion too, and that's what Sustainable Siren is about. Every time we go shopping for clothes, we have so many choices in how we shop and which companies we choose to support with our dollar. And when sustainable companies start getting more attention and consumer support, there's no doubt it will encourage other companies to follow in the same path.

It's not about giving up fashion; it's simply about adopting a conscious approach to it.

With that being said, Sustainable Siren is my project to share with you all my journey into ethical and sustainable fashion, and I hope along the way, I can convince you to join in! :)

Choose to be part of the solution ♥ And don't forget that we aren't the only species on this planet—there's 10 million other species that coexist with us too!