Thursday, February 25, 2016

This is the first look we shot for my sustainability rebrand and the lighting was certainly on our side that day, illuminating the landscape with an ethereal aura! For this outfit, I put together a comfy and casual everyday look with some classic California beach vibes.

 Scroll to the end of this post for the outfit breakdown for each item and why it's sustainable!

Linen Gauze Tunic by Dolma c/o Ash & Rose
Ambrosia Bra by On the Inside c/o Ash & Rose
Natural Cork Belt c/o Bhava Studio
Secondhand Denim Shorts from Vinted

Photos by my sister, Michelle

The Top & Bralette:
The top and bralette are from an amazing boutique, Ash & Rose, which carries a ton of sustainable and ethical brands, along with its own Ash & Rose collection. The boutique was founded by mother-daughter team, Nea and Mary Savoca in 2014. And if you're located in Boston, you can stop by the boutique in person! 

The tunic I'm wearing is by Dolma, a brand that is committed to preserving artisan traditions and creating employment opportunities that offer fair wages to their workers. Aside from this linen tunic being the softest shirt (seriously, I could sleep in this), linen itself is a very sustainable material. It's made from flax which is very easy to grow organically and only requires minimal processing to become a fabric. This bralette is from the brand On the Inside, which is handmade by the designer, Elise Olsen, in North Carolina! Her line is comprised of comfortable and beautiful lingerie made from certified organic fabrics. I absolutely love the way the scalloped lace trim pops!

The Belt:
Onto the belt, which is from Bhava, a very fashion-forward and conscious vegan shoes and accessories brand. They also use organic and recycled materials, and are ethically handmade in Spain. This natural cork belt has a stunning hand-painted print, and cork itself is also quite sustainable. It's recyclable and cork trees do not have to be cut down to harvest the cork, as it is the bark of the tree that is harvested :)

The Shorts:
These secondhand shorts are from Vinted, an online marketplace where you can buy, sell, or swap your clothes! Not only do you help increase the life span of an existing garment by preventing more clothes from making their way into a landfill, but you can often score amazing deals on top designer brands, like these Wildfox shorts I found for 80% off retail price. Shopping secondhand is a wonderful way to help the environment while still getting to wear clothes from brands who have yet to become more sustainable!

The Sandals:
These incredible convertible sandals are from Sseko, an ethical company that helps empower women from all walks of life to help end the cycle of poverty. For young women who have just graduated secondary school and are in the 9-month gap until university, Sseko hires them and at the end of their term, matches their savings 100% with a college scholarship! Sseko sandals come in an array of colors for the base, and so many options for interchangeable ribbons that you can tie in endless styles. That's like having hundreds of styles in one shoe! How's that for eco-friendly?

This post ended up being quite long but I just had so much to share for every item! I hope you guys enjoyed learning about these companies and were able to take away some new knowledge to make your future clothing choices more sustainable! :D

xo, Jennifer

*All items marked "c/o" were received courtesy of the brand for review & promotional purposes


  1. Gorgeous, love those shoes! So unusual but so elegant and simple! x

  2. love the feels of this outfit <3

  3. super:) xx

  4. Always so beautiful photos! I always get that dreamy and relaxed feeling whenever I visit your blog! xxx

    1. Aww thank you so much Boonya! That means a lot to me :) <3

  5. A so wild beauty! You're gorgeous as always!
    And your sandals are just extraordinary, really to die for!

    1. You are too kind, thank you so much Milena! xo

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    1. I love the song you chose! Thank you so much :)

  7. ahhh these photos are stunning, and i love the outfit! will have to check out some of these brands :)

    ♥ Ellen #NZblogger
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