Friday, March 04, 2016

Desert goddess with a little bit of Star Wars inspiration—this is a set of photos I'm beyond happy with! The outfit and location came together perfectly to create the warm and mythical mood I had envisioned.

Keep reading for full outfit details and why each item is a sustainable choice!

Handmade Gold Headpiece c/o Lily White
Organic Hooded Cardigan c/o Synergy Clothing
Handmade Secondhand Knitted Top from Vinted
Secondhand Lace Skirt from Crossroads
Handmade Gold Cuffs from Etsy
Vegan Cut-Out Booties c/o Bhava

Photos by my sister, Michelle

The Headpiece:
This headpiece from Lily White was beautifully handmade in Belgium! Handmade items result in far less excess merchandise being produced (in comparison to fast fashion brands that produce huge quantities of stock, and can often end up being quite wasteful when it doesn't sell) as they are made in smaller quantities or made to order. They are generally of much higher quality because of the amount of attention that each designer will give to their creations. And you help support smaller businesses! :)

The Cardigan:
This hooded cardigan is also from Synergy Clothing, which I've introduced you guys to in my most recent post! Organic, fair trade, and of a convertible design (you can also wear this as a wrap jacket as there's a button and loop), this piece is sustainable on so many levels. If you haven't entered our $75 gift card giveaway yet, you can enter on my Instagram here!

The Top:
I found this gorgeous secondhand top on Vinted for $12. And guess what, it's even handmade! Vinted is all the magic of being able to thrift but from your phone and the comfort of your own home. I love browsing Vinted when I'm relaxing on my bed.

The Skirt:
This lace skirt is also a secondhand piece that I found from Crossroads! Crossroads is a place where you can go to buy and even sell your gently-used clothing for cash or for store credit. The buyers carefully select what pieces they take in based on what's currently trending and the most popular brands, so I always end up finding something I like. They have lots of stores across the US, so if you haven't been to one before, chances are there's likely one near you!

The Arm Cuffs:
These brass bracelets were handmade in Colorado! I found them on Etsy and I ordered them in a large enough size so that I could wear them as arm cuffs! They add such a subtle edge to an outfit and I love that they are also adjustable!

The Heels:
If you asked me what my top staple piece in my wardrobe is, it has easily remained over the years as a pair of nude sandal heels (especially ones with a comfortable heel height!) When I made the switch to sustainable, I did so much research on sustainable shoe brands, and I honestly felt like I found treasure when I discovered Bhava! Not only are their styles extremely fashion-forward and innovative (definitely also check out their 3-in-1 convertible boot!), their shoes and accessories are vegan, utilize natural and recycled materials (like cork, reclaimed wood, and eco suede), are free from the harmful chemicals that are commonly found in many vegan leathers, and are ethically handmade in Spain by skilled artisans.

I could go on forever about how much I love these shoes. Aside from how eco-friendly and ethical these shoes are, the design is amazing. I love how easy it is to take the shoes on and off (you push the hole in the strap over a stud, rather than dealing with a buckle), the print and colors are stunning and just neutral enough to go with everything, but eye-catching enough to keep your outfit edgy. These shoes are everything I could ask for in the perfect shoe!

Hope you guys are enjoying the new outfit posts so far and thank you guys for leaving such lovely and thoughtful comments! My sister and I have also been working on some video footage of my outfits which I'm looking forward to sharing with you all soon :)

xo, Jennifer

*All items marked "c/o" were received courtesy of the brand for review & promotional purposes


  1. Shoes are amazing! <3


    1. Thank you, and I agree! Bhava shoes are awesome! :)

  2. Great post!

  3. pretty outfit <3


  4. this bohemian spirit is everything!
    xx Flora

  5. WoW! You're just stunning! The whole look is a real masterpiece although I love above all the combo top-skirt, really wonderful!❤

  6. hi Jenn, once more Ls Cloud couldn't help photo-videoing )
    Scroll down to it


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