Thursday, March 31, 2016

Red—the color of strength and love. It's my favorite color to wear because it instantly makes me feel bold and powerful, while also being romantic and flirty. It was well overdue for another red outfit so when my wonderful friend Kimsa came back for spring break, she helped me shoot this look in the fields!

Read on for full outfit details and why each piece is sustainable! 

Secondhand American Apparel Top from Vinted
Vintage Sun Chain Belt from Poshmark
Secondhand LF Floral Skirt from Crossroads
Secondhand Faux Leather Bag from Poshmark
Secondhand Lace Up Boots from Poshmark

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The Top:
This American Apparel top, in addition to being made in the USA and being sweatshop-free, was also purchased secondhand on Vinted! After doing a site feedback survey on Vinted, I was one of the randomly chosen winners to receive $30 Vinted credits to spend, which I used to get this American Apparel top and another American Apparel bustier dress basically for free :) Yet another reason why I love Vinted!

The Belt:
I found this beautiful vintage belt on Poshmark! I have been looking for a nice chain belt for a while, especially one with a moon, sun, or star motif. When I found this one for only $10, I was so elated! I am definitely keeping this piece forever <3

The Skirt:
This is a secondhand LF skirt which I scored at Crossroads! On top of already being a crazy deal at only $7, it was one of their items marked for an additional half-off so I got this beauty for only $3.50. An LF piece for only $3.50? It's almost too good to believe but it's the truth! 

The Arm Cuffs:
These brass bracelets are handmade in the USA by an awesome Etsy designer! This has now become one of my go-to jewelry pieces that I frequently wear in my looks because they complement everything, and I think I may get a set in silver soon!

The Bag:
I wear this bag a lot too, but hey, the more versatile our pieces are, the less amount of items in our closet we need, and the less our environmental impact! This is my awesome $5 faux leather bag find from Poshmark.

The Boots:
These lace up boots are also another super versatile piece in my wardrobe and they add a very nice "adventurer" vibe to my outfits. I scored these on Poshmark too!

And my lovely sister Michelle filmed and edited this lookbook video of some of my February outfits! It also features music from my awesome friend and talented musician, Carlie Mari. Check out more of her music and beautiful voice on SoundCloud here and please subscribe to my sister's Youtube channel to see more videos in the future! :)

+ The Inkkas sneaker giveaway is now live on my IG! If you haven't entered yet, you can do so here :)

Happy Thursday!
xo, Jennifer


  1. You're a beautiful girl but for me too skinny :( The video is very nice :) Congrats!

    1. Thank you! I am quite healthy though so that is what matters to me the most :) And thanks!

  2. The skirt is lovely! I love the pattern and the bold red, so nice!!

    1. Thank you Lii! It's definitely a favorite piece of mine :3 x

  3. i love your vintage choice for your summer look.

  4. Omg, awesome photos! And you look so beautiful <3

  5. Lovely red outfit !


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