Wednesday, May 18, 2016

ethical clothing
Back to the beach again with Nate—this time in San Francisco! It was so windy which always makes it harder to shoot because every other shot is me moving my hair out of my face haha, but we managed to get some amazing shots where the wind worked in our favor!

Keep reading for full outfit and sustainability details, and to learn more about BluBond, an ethical and sustainable luxury boutique where each product gives back to a different charitable cause.

ethical clothing
ethical clothing
ethical clothing
ethical clothing
ethical clothing
ethical clothing
ethical clothing
Burgundy Bodysuit c/o BluBond
Gold Leaf Cuff c/o BluBond

Photos by Nate Bernardo

The Bodysuit:
This bodysuit is by the brand Noise Lab and is from BluBond, a virtual luxury boutique that sells only product made through ethical and sustainable practices. Their mantra is "Purchase With A Purpose" and every product has a set amount that gets donated to a particular charity, with this bodysuit donating $38 to Cause 4 Paws! 

Cause 4 Paws is a wonderful LA based charity that focuses on creating awareness and restoration for homeless animals and their owners. Many who find themselves homeless are forced to remain this way due to lack of shelters willing to house them with their beloved pets. This cause is very close to my heart as I understand the unbreakable bond between dog and owner and I could never part with my dogs willingly either!

This Noise Lab bodysuit is made in Medellín, Colombia and also commendable is that Juanita, the designer, provides jobs in her manufacturing and work rooms to women in need to help them provide for their families.

The Cuff:
This cuff bracelet by RAS, also from BluBond, donates $12 to Delete Blood Cancer DKMS. Delete Blood Cancer DKMS is the world's largest bone marrow donor center. First started in the US, today DKMS has branches in Germany, the UK, Poland, and Spain. They have registered nearly 6 million donors and provided nearly 60,000 patients with a second chance at life!

This RAS cuff is made in Spain; it is plated by old-school machines and made with artistic handiworks. When Spain was especially hit hard by the economic downturn, RAS was a brand that didn't close their manufacturing to outsource to China to produce their products more cheaply. Instead they generated jobs for the women in the suburbs of Madrid do that they would be able to continue feeding their children and have a steady income to provide for their families.

Read more about the other incredible charities that BluBond helps raise funds for here too!

The Scarf:
Lastly, this cotton scarf is from Sseko, an ethical fashion brand that employs women in Uganda from all walks of life who are ending the cycle of poverty and also provides scholarship to college-bound women. It's a hand-crafted and hand-dyed piece that is so versatile! I've previously worn it as a shawl in this outfit post and here it is again as a coverup skirt for the beach or pool. Also useful as an impromptu beach towel :D

Hope everyone's week is going well!
Also today is my sister Michelle's birthday— happy 18th birthday dude!
xo, Jennifer

*All items marked "c/o" were received courtesy of the brand for review & promotional purposes


  1. That bodysuit looks gorgeous on you! Love how you styled everything <3

    xx, Diane ||

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  3. Noice Lab and Cause 4 Paws sound amazing! I love when a company does something good for the community! So much more inspiring to buy from them or support them!


  4. It's so heartwarming to hear of companies with social awareness and with purposes other than just profit. It makes their collection even more beautiful!

    xx, Jo

    1. Agreed! The most beautiful designs are the ones that truly make a difference <3

  5. cool shots as always <3

  6. I love these photos. You look beautiful, as always!

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