Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sustainable fashion is something I obviously support, but what you might not know about me is that I'm also very interested in wearable technology! So when I discovered this solar powered backpack, you can bet I was beyond excited, not just as a renewable energy supporter, but also as someone whose phone is always dying!

Read on for full outfit details and all the details about this incredible backpack.


Solar Powered Backpack c/o BirkSun
Tan Bikini from American Apparel
Moon & Druzy Necklace c/o Lilacs In The Sun
DIY Rope Belt

Photos by Nate Bernardo

The Solar Powered Backpack:
BirkSun is the SF-based company that makes these amazing solar powered backpacks. The appeal of solar to me is not just its eco-friendly advantages, but as someone whose phone is constantly dying when I'm out of the house because I forget to charge it (and my friends and family all tease me about it), this invention is perfect for me. It's very handy for people who go outdoors a lot too where there's no nearby outlets!

The charging port is inside the outer zip pocket, so you can plug your cord in and still use the phone as you go. The backpack itself is so well-made and it is waterproofed inside and out (I can vouch that it works because I had a cheap water bottle in the main compartment completely leak, but the water did not soak out) As a side note, life tip—never trust free water bottles!

I'm looking forward to using this backpack next year for school and showing it off ;) All in all, I really applaud BirkSun for making solar energy technology more accessible to people in their day-to-day lives and think this is a great way to get people excited about and in support of going solar!

The Bikini:
American Apparel is one of my go-to places for buying swimwear! Everything is made in the USA, and sweatshop-free. I buy my swimsuits from there when they are on sale and the prices are actually pretty comparable to what one would spend shopping at a fast fashion store. So if for the same price you can get ethically made swimwear, why wouldn't you? :) And to add a more boho touch, I tied my rope belt around my waist which is actually a repurposed curtain tassel!

The Necklace:
This lovely necklace is from Lilacs In The Sun. All their jewelry is handmade in California by the designer Michelle, who recently did another custom piece for my sister's prom (whose name is also Michelle!) I have been very into silver and blue for jewelry so this piece has been getting a lot of wear!

The Cuffs:
I always wear these cuffs with this necklace because they just go together so well! They are both from Soko, an ethical jewelry brand whose goal is to directly connect customers to artisans around the world who make beautiful handcrafted jewelry, using natural and upcycled materials. Here I am wearing the hammered cross cuff and hammered arrow cuff by artisan, Mulinge!

Thanks for visiting! :)
xo, Jennifer

*All items marked "c/o" were received courtesy of the brand for review & promotional purposes


  1. Sensual and beautiful shots! So sexy in those bikini bottoms, wow ;) xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  2. I love reading about inventions like this! Sustainable and practical!! :)


    1. Thank you Lii! Me too, it's always fun to find pieces that fuse ethics, function, and design in such an effortless way! :)

  3. I really like the bag and necklace. Those big bag will be very easy to bring when summer comes and we just want to go to some pool and bring many skincares or hair treatment for preventing the bad effect of the sun light.and the necklace very ethnic and amazing.

  4. Love your bikini, girl! So pretty!

  5. love the color!

  6. That backpack looks so cool! (:

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