Wednesday, May 11, 2016

eco friendly clothing
One style I love but don't dress in too often is more of a skater or surfer style. And since I've been acquiring some awesome new tees and sneakers, I thought why not? This is my version of a skater or surfer look with a touch of goddess flair!

Read on for full sustainability details and to learn more about YOUWE, a wonderful company where you as the consumer get to choose a cause where a portion of their profits is donated to!

eco friendly clothing
eco friendly clothing
eco friendly clothing
eco friendly clothing
eco friendly clothing
eco friendly clothing
eco friendly clothing

Handmade Gold Headpiece c/o Lily White
Mountain Graphic Tee c/o YOUWE
Handmade Arm Cuffs from Etsy
Thrifted Crystal Cuff from Crossroads
Secondhand Denim Shorts from Vinted
Bluebird Sneakers c/o Inkkas

Photos by my sister, Michelle

The Headpiece:
This Lily White headpiece was handmade in Belgium! Handmade pieces are a great slow fashion choice—they are generally much higher quality and result in much less excess waste due to items being made in smaller quantities or being made to order.

The Graphic Tee:
This awesome tee is from YOUWE, a company that allows the consumer to choose a cause where a portion (10%) of the profits is donated to! They carry many ethically-made and/or sustainably-made products and I think it's wonderful that YOUWE allows the consumer to continue spreading a positive impact by giving back to a charity of their choice.

You can choose from charities that support wildlife conservation, education, environmental conservation, health organizations, human services, and international help—such as the World Wildlife Foundation, National Park Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, Make A Wish, and Charity Water, to name a few!

This graphic tee is made from organic jersey, and in addition to being sweatshop-free, was made and printed in the USA. I love simple geometric motifs (I even had this temporary tattoo on hand that matched quite well!) and the fact that this one has major adventure vibes is even better!

The Arm Cuffs:
The simple gold arm cuffs I am wearing were custom-made to my size from Etsy and handmade in Colorado. And the blue crystal cuff was thrifted from Crossroads Trading—by far my favorite place to go shop in person to score some amazing secondhand pieces!

The Shorts:
These are one of my best secondhand purchases which I got from Vinted—they are Wildfox denim shorts that I scored for only $25 but they retail for well over $100!

The Sneakers:
These ethically-made sneakers from Inkkas feature authentic Peruvian textiles that are handmade and artisan-made! Additionally, Inkkas also has their One Shoe One Tree project where a tree is planted for every purchase. Beautiful shoes that also help beautify our earth.

Happy Wednesday, and thank you for stopping by! :)
xo, Jennifer

*All items marked "c/o" were received courtesy of the brand for review & promotional purposes


  1. I love your headpiece! It makes a great statement accessory to your skater/surfer look!

    xx, Diane ||

  2. I love the headpiece!

  3. I love how you tell the origin and story for every item that you wear. Such an inspiring way to empower people to be more sustainable :)


    1. Thank you Lii! That means so much to me! I am glad that my blog is also inspiring others ^_^


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