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eco friendly fashion
Today's outfit post is focused on the idea of stories—specifically the stories behind our clothes and the people who make them! Just as we often use fashion as a tool to communicate to others and tell a story about who we are, the thread of communication shouldn't stop there. When we know the stories of how our clothes were made and the stories of the people who made them, we not only become active and conscious consumers, but also become more connected to others :)

Read on for full outfit details + to meet my Sseko Sole Sister and hear her story too! ♥

eco friendly fashion
eco friendly fashion
Indigo Shibori Dyed Scarf c/o Narrative Made
Secondhand Halter Top from Vinted
Secondhand Printed Skirt from Vinted
Convertible Ribbon Sandals c/o Sseko

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Photos by Kayla Schroter

The Scarf:
This hand-stitched and hand-dyed cotton scarf is from Narrative Made, a socially conscious and people-centered fashion brand. Narrative Made is designed by Sharon de Lyster and is based in Hong Kong. They focus on incorporating highly skilled heritage crafts and natural dyes into their pieces, all while providing social empowerment through a fair production line.

They care a lot about the story behind our clothes as well as the people who make them; for example, this tag on this scarf also came with the hand stitched signature (which translated from Bengali reads Asma) of the talented artisan who made it! You may remember that I previously featured this scarf on my IG during Fashion Revolution Week too as it definitely answers the question "Who made my clothes?"

I also love the section on their site here where you can learn more about the heritage crafts incorporated into the collection, as well as the artisans who specialized in each technique.

The Top & Skirt:
Both the halter top and the skirt were secondhand purchases found on Vinted! The top was $4 and the skirt was $6, both in like new condition! When I'm searching for really specific types of pieces but still want to shop sustainably, I always head straight to Vinted or Poshmark to shop secondhand for the item that I have in mind.

The Sandals:
These are my convertible ribbon sandals from Sseko, this time worn with the black ribbon straps—with these sandals, you can tie them in different styles and also swap out the straps for different colors and prints! Sseko is an ethical fashion brand that uses fashion and design to help bright and brave women in East Africa continue on to university. Thus far, they have enabled 71 women in Uganda to go to college and pursue their dreams!

I feel very honored to share that I have been one of the 11 women asked by Sseko to be part of their 2016 team of Sseko Sole Sisters! 11 because they currently have 11 women in their 2016 Class in Uganda who are working their way to university right now. My Sseko Sole Sister is Sharon Jr and I'd love to share her story with you guys! ♥

Sharon's future plans are studying medicine or nursing in school because she wants to give back to her country one day, and especially wants to help those who are sick. Sharon comes from a family of three, led by a single mother who is a hairdresser. Her mom is also super excited to see that going to university will be within Sharon's reach!

Sharon also loves traditional dance, chemistry, and learning new things. She used to struggle with over-thinking things that people said to her but is learning to move past them. She says "Now, I don't think about things that don't help me out," and I think that is incredibly wise, and is also advice that I will follow from her too!

When asked what her encouragement would be to women pursuing their dreams, she said "Get people who can uplift you and give you encouragement. People who are already doing the thing you are pursuing. Do not listen to people who are discouraging you." With that being said—Sharon, I'm honored to be the Sole Sister of someone so wise and radiating of positivity. I support you 100% and I know that there are so many of us who will be here cheering you on too! xo

To read more of Sharon's story, feel free to visit this page here!

Thank you all for visiting my blog and I hope you have a lovely day!
xo, Jennifer

*All items marked "c/o" were received courtesy of the brand for review & promotional purposes


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